What if your vote could really change politics?

OneVote_3LA.pngIn the UK, Nigel Farage has just launched The Brexit Party. Ironically, he looks set to win the majority of UK seats in the upcoming EU elections. Everyone who's grumpy about the current state of politics seems to be launching a new party. Can we do better? Maybe. Here's our draft of OneVote's first pamphlet.

The chances are, if you’re reading this, you have a vote. But it’s only one and you don’t get to use it very often.

You may have voted for Brexit, or for Jeremy Corbyn. Or you may fiercely oppose both of them. We don’t care.

We are a diverse group of people from all sectors of society. All faiths and no faith. Black, white and brown. Rich and food-bank poor. We all recognise that British politics is in a hole and we have found a way of digging everyone out of it.

For centuries, political parties have battled with each other. Trying to boil down impossibly complicated problems into headline-length sound bites. Just so they can snatch your vote and get into power. Do they actually believe in the things they say? How can they, when people who voted leave now fight for Brexit. When people who campaigned to cut university tuition fees then went on to raise them.

We have a political system that is no longer fit for purpose. It is creating disharmony and disuniting our kingdom. Hatred is building among the displaced in society. There is a sense that nobody in power is listening and they’re right. Because everyone is shouting at each other.

We will change politics fundamentally by simply adopting contemporary technology. Our government will deliver an inclusive, interactive system to reflect the diversity of opinion that we have and that we need. We will let your thoughts steer policy on everything - the NHS, Europe, the legal system, education and immigration. You won’t have to make one choice every 5 years between two parties and hope they know what you really want. You can engage in important issues just as we all do everyday with our families, our friends and our colleagues.

We believe wisdom and expertise is essential to run our country and our institutions but we also believe that government should be open and honest and not twist information for its own political ends. So we’ll listen to the knowledgeable and have access to the figures. At its heart, our plan is to enable the whole country to vote on much more and much more often. If you don’t want to vote on everything, you can nominate others, who you trust, to vote on your behalf.

This is all possible using phones and the internet. We do much the same thing every week already on national television. If we can choose the winner of Bake Off, Strictly and Big Brother, why not help decide whether we go to war or let in Syrian refugees?

Our plan will mean the country gets back together. Everyone who lives in Britain will have a real voice. A place where votes count and where opinions are heard. Vote us in and we will create a true, democratic solution to the nations problems. Within one year we will initiate a platform that will let everyone express their choices on all the vital matters of the day. Then our party will dissolve to enable true representation to finally work. 

Get involved. Vote OneVote and change the way government is delivered forever.

What do you think? 

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