Escaped banker. Reformed marketer. Enthusiastic consultant.

When I worked in finance, the hedge funds were hailed as the masters of the universe. As we discovered in 2008, they didn't have all the answers. 

Agencies are trying to tackle brand problems, but struggling to deliver. Six years at Europe's biggest and fastest growing digital agencies showed me that they didn't have it all figured out, either. Brands are taking more functions in-house, but still seeking strategic support. Who will guide them?

3LA is trying a better way of working. We're a collective, solving problems collaboratively, building on each others' strengths, learning by doing and growing as we learn.

The world is changing. We need to change with it. I'm on my third career already: I hope to have many more! Join us, and find out where we can go together.

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Director of Design @PUBLIC_Team. Digital strategist and service designer. One half of @startuple.


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