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The next wave of technological innovation will change business and society more than the Internet and the Smartphone. 3LA is changing business consulting with AI. We're squeezing centuries of experience into systems that uncover opportunity inside uncertainty.

WE HAVE worked with some of the world's most innovative companies.

What’s our story?

We are a community of the tech literate and the business savvy. We've helped propel obscure startups to massive, commercial success. Our knowledge can add value to any business and our aim is to democratise this wisdom for maximum impact.

We develop tools to help optimise product satisfaction, maximise customer retention and generate repeating revenues. We help you shape a clear vision of where you want to take your business and make sure that you get there.

Find and build an audience

If you're building a new product or striving for product/market fit, you need to adopt a rigorous approach. Here we ask the awkward questions to help guide you toward success. We are also trialling a different approach, using Agnes to ask the questions and let you supply the answers as text, audio or video. Please let us know if you enjoy the process.

Audience Finder™

Values, beliefs and behaviors

Corporate culture is why people gravitate towards (or away from) companies. It’s also a critical component in customer and employee retention. Yet it’s difficult to understand and even harder to measure. Culture Compass is our first version of a culture diagnostic. It's free for you to try out for yourself. All feedback is massively appreciated.


What are you like?

If you’ve ever taken a Myers Briggs personality test, you will know that people have shared characteristics. And so do businesses. Problems change with scale, commoditization and the buoyancy of markets. BusinessBox™ uses AI to segment businesses (and their respective challenges) and identify salient development strategies.


Boil it down to love

To build a great product you must first crystallise why it exists. What is the essence of the problem that you are solving and how will it make customers feel. 3LA’s Crystallizer™ is designed to quench complexity and help shape the form and function of your offer. The goals are to improve customer satisfaction, retention and enhance perceived value.


Solve today’s problems

Consulting has a well-earned reputation for charging clients to tell them what they know already. So we are doing our best to erase fees by using ProblemScope™, an intelligent diagnostic tool that uses Reflective Listening and CBT to discover what might be holding your business back. Most problems can be solved - if you know what they are.


Start with tomorrow

To hit a moving target you need to aim ahead of it. In business, that means understanding where things are going - trends, markets, customer needs. It also means creating a responsive business that has a clear vision of its place in the future. 3LA’s Visioneer™ helps companies craft a video story of their future and tell it to every stakeholder.


unlock the full potential of AI for your business.

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