Maximizing Business Potential with BUSINESSBOX™


Unlocks insights by exploring behaviors and the sociological spirit of your organization.

As marketers know, Brand is a way of creating a set of guiding principles around which a business is built. Rather than obsess over the ‘speed and features’ of its products, we scrutinise the softer characteristics of a company. How it treats its staff, or if it cares about its environmental footprint. These characteristics have little to do with more traditional financial metrics - they stray into the soul of the organisation.

The science behind BusinessBox™ is based on similar principles to Jungian Archetypes. The system explores the behaviours and the sociological spirit of an organisation to reveal patterns and insights that frequently correlate with outcomes. In many cases we have discovered that businesses take on limiting beliefs that impede their progress. Sometimes stakeholder opinions are at odds about management's plans for the future. BusinessBox is designed to highlight these issues and offer an indicative prescription as to what to do next.

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