What is MADtech and why should you care?

Over the last few years the business of marketing has completely changed. Shoppers have wised up to a century of spin and learned to ignore hyperbole in advertising. Exaggerated claims have been further undermined by social media which applies the scrutiny of the crowd. We have entered a new era where marketing succeeds when it is totally transparent – conveying only facts coated with emotion rather than untruths wrapped in fiction. Marketers are further challenged by consumers who are now trying to have real time conversations with the brands that they love. Gone are the cosy days of throwing a few TV spots to the braying masses during the year. Now they all want to chat directly – one-to-one.   Read more

Participation Marketing - or how to Embrace Engagement

What does Participation Marketing mean to you? If you think back to your first kiss, it was probably a little awkward. You possibly even asked if it would be OK to plant your lips on someone else’s. That’s Permission Marketing. Now if you think of the best kiss you’ve ever had, chances are nobody asked anyone anything. Both parties were involved in the creation of a memorable, possibly delicious experience. That’s more akin to Participation Marketing. Read more

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